Winners are not always those who work the hardest- they're the ones who work the smartest.

The fastest car is built better. The Olympian is efficient with his energy. The chess champion thinks a few more moves ahead.

So why not apply this winning philosophy to our everyday lives?

Mama Shark Academy exists to help you to win at life by building better routines, being efficient with your energy, and learning to think a few more moves ahead.

Ready to get started?

Meal Planning Courses

Does Meal Planning stress you out?

Let's fix that! These courses will give you the confidence to plan easy, healthy, budget-friendly meals for your family.

Personal Finance Classes
Personal Finance 101

Learn the basics of budgeting, banking, and buying in today's digital world. These classes are designed for teens and young adults, but anyone who wants to learn about personal finance basics will benefit!

Coming Soon- Entrepreneurship for Young Adults
Entrepreneurship 101

Coming soon! Have a business idea, but not sure what to do next? This course will give you a basic understanding of cost analysis, marketing, and creating a business plan.

Hi! I'm Stephanie!

I am an entrepreneur turned stay-at-home mom. I spend my days wrangling a 4 year old future CEO and a 1 year old ninja, and I run a blogging side business in my spare minutes. I love making things efficient and organized, and teaching others to do the same! I am passionate about making learning fun and effective, and I'm excited to pass along the things I've learned so you can live your life in a simpler, easier way.

"Stephanie has the unique ability to combine creativity with organization - making it neither a chore nor a burden, but instead a practical and attainable lifestyle with more room for the things that truly matter.​"

- Becca

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