Why Learn Personal Finance?

Money touches nearly everything we do, and equipping yourself with personal financial skills sets you up for success in many areas of life. Through this class you'll learn about the fundamentals of budgeting, banking and buying!

About the Audited Class

This class is an asynchronous class- which means there is no set time during the week for meeting live- it's all pre-recorded for you to watch and the content is available immediately for you to proceed through at your own pace!

I will provide a grading rubric so you (or a parent for homeschoolers) can evaluate your progress as you go through the course!

This version is the AUDITED version of the class, which means it is self-graded.


Using the Zero-Based Budgeting method, I'll show you how to give every dollar a job. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went!


Understanding the different types of bank accounts and investment accounts at the bank, plus learn the basics of online banking and credit scores.


Understand the pros and cons of the different purchasing options available in today's world. From cashier's checks to contactless payment, learn what is safe and smart for each payment type.

Hi! I'm Stephanie.

I am a graduated homeschooler turned entrepreneur turned stay-at-home mom. Currently I spend my days wrangling a 4 year old future CEO and a 1 year old ninja, and I run a blogging side business in my spare minutes. I love making things efficient and organized, and teaching others to do the same! I am passionate about making learning fun and effective, and I'm excited to have you in my class!

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Personal Finance 101- Audit/Self-Graded Version

Self-Paced Financial Skills Course

This version of the course is self-paced and self-evaluated (I will not provide grades). I have made it easy to check yourself as you move through the course!